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Industrial Automation Repairs, Spares & Service

Industrial Automation Repairs, Spares and Service


Motor Repairs from Lektronix

Motor bearing removal

Lektronix motor repair workshops and custom built test rigs have been designed to provide our customers with the very best motor repair service possible. We specialise in repairing motors from a broad range of manufacturers, therefore you can be safe in the knowledge we have the expertise to repair your faulty motor, no matter who manufactured the part. All our motor repairs come with the added security of 12 months free warranty.

Our team of skilled motor engineers can repair a wide range of motors including:

AC Motors
DC Motors
Servo Motors
Stepper Motors
Slip ring Motors
Spindle Motors
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How does the Motor Repair service work?

Your motor will go through a rigorous inspection, repair and testing process. The below list highlights some of the processes involved:

Motor initially inspected for obvious mechanical damage to electrical connectors, fixings and the drive shaft.
Various electrical tests completed on motors including an AC drop test and insulation resistance (IR) testing to ensure that motor windings are in good working order.
Insulation resistance is temperature-sensitive, when the temperature increases, insulation resistance decreases (If the windings appear short then motor to be rewound).
The feedback devices to be tested as appropriate. Tacho to be drop tested, resolver and encoder tested using Mitchell Rig.
Our Mitchell Rig allows us to ascertain the correct lockup angle relationship of the feedback device to the motor windings.
Motors dismantled down to their component parts, casing to be sandblasted (if required), jet-washed and then stoved to ensure that all contaminates are removed from both the internal and external parts of the motor.
Over time too much or too little lubrication creates heat through pressure or friction and this can create noise, meaning that the bearings have failed.
New bearings and oil seals fitted as part of the service to improve the motors life cycle.
On completion of the service we spray paint the motor.
To ensure motors run correctly on-site, testing at various speeds is undertaken to test functionality
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Motor Repair Lead Times

We pride ourselves on the quality of our motor repair service and understand the effect a faulty machine has on our customer’s production. This is why we have a number of motor repair options to suit your requirements:

Standard Electronic Repairs
We will repair your item within 7-10 working days.

Emergency Electronic Repairs
We will repair your item within 3 working days.

We aim to exceed the standard repair lead time. On average, standard repairs take 5-7 days from receipt of your order number.*
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Motor Engineers

Our experience motor engineers repair all makes and models of motors.

Motor Workshop

Lektronix motor workshop is designed to meet all our customers repair needs.

Custom Built Test Rigs

At Lektronix, we have a huge array of custom build test rigs to fully functionally test your equipment.


What Are The Benefits?

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